Beyond Wellness

Helping people find their way to wellness

Health involves a very well-rounded approach consisting of more than being conscious of just food and exercise; the various energetic realms are significant when it comes to healing.

My alternative healing consists of muscle testing, energetic corrections (e.g. clearing emotional baggage, mental blocks and past traumas), taking supplements, and being willing to make dietary changes for physical and emotional improvements.

“Your guidance has worked wonders. After several months following the customized diet and supplements you designed, I am completely healed. I was almost in need of abdominal surgery. But I was able to heal myself naturally. Last week I was checked by my practitioner and I have no further muscle weakness. Thank you so much for helping me heal naturally!”

Tyler D., Indianapolis, IN

“Whatever it is we are doing, it’s working! I’ve lost 4 lbs in just a couple weeks and haven’t been crazy counting every calorie or hitting the gym hard every day… I’m not really working out at all in fact.”

SaraLynn R., San Francisco, CA

“Thank you again for your time with the girls yesterday. Aden is a changed little girl- so much more grounded and peaceful. Alexis woke up this morning to her sores completely healed and inspired and ready for her big race this morning. I have been offering prayers of thanks for your healing presence in our lives all morning.”

Jennifer N., Seattle, WA