Body Scan Appointments

Your initial appointment is anywhere from 1 to 1.5 hours; all appointments thereafter are approximately 1 hour. We will work together to investigate your health issues and reach your wellness goals. Your biochemical individuality makes your body’s needs unique, therefore every aspect of your appointment is customized for you. At the initial appointment, I analyze your completed intake forms and go over your health concerns. I assess any supplements and/or medications you are currently taking to see if they are doing what they claim. My style of body testing is non-invasive and free of machines. Your body very quickly analyzes a substance and gives feedback as to whether or not it is beneficial. Utilizing this method, I check to see if you are affected by the most common stressors: heavy metals (16 most common), food sensitivities (25 most common), chemical sensitivities (13 most common), immune challenges (4 most common), allergies, scars and stress. Based on my findings from appointment to appointment, I give you the core nutritional support your body most wants in order to optimally function. Your body knows best how to heal itself, therefore, it will be beneficial for you to pay attention to the way you feel while following your supplement protocol, as well as how you feel after meals. We will use this information as valuable input at your follow up visits.

Food Sensitivity Testing

I determine if what you are eating, even so-called “healthy” food, is keeping you from your ideal weight. There can be unhealthy aspects to food which you may not be aware of – hidden sugars, toxic oils and chemicals such as MSG, appetite enhancers, artificial sweeteners, dyes and colors. I test 150 common foods because there can be subtle, unpleasant symptoms which are seemingly unrelated to what you eat, but often have their root in food sensitivities. Some of these unwanted side effects include skin problems, headaches, sugar cravings and sugar addictions, joint stiffness, brain fogginess, acid reflux, bad breath, excess weight, flatulence (gas) and belching. These are nuisances people commonly “live with” and you need not settle for this. It is important to know the right amount to eat of a particular food, because when the optimal amount of it is exceeded, that food could have an adverse effect. It is not uncommon to have food issues, even if you do not suspect so. Although no obvious symptoms are present, the food may be causing an adverse internal reaction nonetheless. Sometimes it is simply a matter of lessening the quantity of the offending foods rather than complete avoidance. Once people find out what their food sensitivities are and appropriately address them, the potential for weight loss increases.

*The abbreviated version of this appointment analyzes only foods you eat on a regular basis. In order to do this, you fill out a food journal for at approximately seven days.

Personal shopping appointments are available for this service: For those who want specific grocery store food brands tested, but do not want to buy them first or bring them to an appointment, I will accompany you to your store of choice and test different food items to see what is best suited for your body.

Blood Chemistry Analysis

It is possible to have your blood analyzed from a preventative standpoint so potential health problems can be prevented before they become serious challenges. Using the results of a blood test, I can identify nutritional deficiencies, as well as patterns which might indicate the onset of health problems. This method is also an objective way to track the results of your nutrition appointments by seeing how your blood chemistry numbers improve over the months. With a comprehensive wellness panel, I check markers for thyroid, liver and kidney function, complete blood count, anemia patterns, digestive and immune system function, electrolyte balance, mineral status and heart health, including a complete cholesterol panel.

Review Here → SAMPLE Blood Chemistry Results

Energy Testing

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Supplement Testing

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Emotional Clearings

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