Custom Food List


SAMPLE-Custom-Food-List-thReceive a finely-tuned, one page reference which pinpoints your body's individual nutritional needs.  It will show which foods make you thrive, and which ones induce imbalance and stress. This is an easy, comprehensive way to see what's good for you to eat, and what's not. Each food is categorized by group, and muscle tested one at a time, specific to you, to determine its color-coded designation as “ideal,” “neutral,” “caution” or “avoid.”

A Custom Food List is personally created for each individual, delivered via email.  No appointment necessary.

Lists are emailed in a printable PDF format within 3 business days.

For best results please include any known food allergies, sensitivities and/or intolerances under ADDITIONAL INFORMATION in the “Order Notes” during checkout.

Cost is $150.