(The morning after her appointment) “One more thing…my lumps are significantly smaller today!!! Thank God!!!! They’re more like a quarter and a dime now, they were about the size of my whole armpit…it was really getting scary how large they were getting. THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Two hours later) “The lumps are seriously almost gone. Use me as a referral! I feel like it’s a miracle. So thankful for you!!”

Brandi R., Indianapolis, IN

“Sarah loved meeting you. She has not complained of her ears hurting since we saw you.”

Dawn C., Olympia, WA

“My left jaw pain and headaches are completely gone since our first appointment!”

Sarah R., Tenino, WA

“My temperature is much better, I don’t seem to be cold all the time anymore. There is still some heaviness in my head and congestion, though they are much better since your clearing yesterday. Side note: forgot to tell you that Abe said his stomach feels so much better and he has lost some weight already. Also, my two main warts on the forehead are gone.”

Nadya K., Indianapolis, IN

“Jen and I are both convinced that your clearings are the REAL DEAL! (and you know it takes a lot to convince Jen!) I’m still amazed by it.”

Lauren A., Portland, OR

“There’s definitely something to this!! I’m thoroughly convinced. By the way, Brie said she feels so much better emotionally after you cleared her on Tuesday. Thank you!”

Isabel S., Seattle, WA

“Thanks so much for your direction and for you light and energy….you are a blessing on this planet of ours….”

Lynne H., Olympia, WA

“I have been sleeping through the night every night since I saw you.”

Randy C., San Francisco, CA

“I feel much better with more energy since I saw you. I’m following your protocol strictly.”

Tiffany F., San Francisco, CA

“Thanks again Katie, I truly appreciate everything you do for me, and thanks for your generous gift you have with the clearings. I am so grateful to have the greatest nutrition magician, thanks from the bottom of my heart.”

Terri S., Chicago, IL

“Carrie has not complained about her teeth since you worked on them!”

Vanessa K., Seattle, WA

“One morning when my body felt “off,” I grabbed my Immune System Emergency kit you came up with for me, and took it for the next three days.  And, honestly, as soon as that first afternoon, the off kilter feeling was gone.  Lickety split. So, thank you for all the time you spent on my body scan, and showing me the care that you do.”

Ryan H., Olympia, WA

“I’m just feeling so overwhelmed with gratitude and had to share it with you. I’m just extremely grateful for the chance to work with you. I feel things shifting and I think you’re really onto a good remedy right now. I also just feel so grateful that you have a process that’s so clear and clean and I trust it. In my job I come into contact with many people who are trying to feel better, whether physically or emotionally, so I meet a lot of people doing work with Naturopathic Physicians, energy healers, etc. and I feel like there’s no one I could even think of that does what you’re doing, the way you’re doing it, and as well as you’re doing it. You really are good at it. And I know I’m going on and on but it’s important that you know. I was talking to a woman in my office who is really frustrated because she has gone to healer after healer, and doesn’t know who to trust, etc., and I told her about you and then I thought about how lucky I am not to have that problem because you totally access my body’s knowledge, not using only merely what you know about this supplement or that one. Thanks, Katie.”

Katie S., Portland, OR

“I have enjoyed meeting you, spending time with you, and working with you, so it has been my pleasure to recommend you to friends and customers! And I will continue to do so!”

Julie M., Indianapolis, IN

“Katie, Thank you for the quick response here and your good “bedside” manners that my wife and daughter reported to me following their most recent visit. After their return home, my daughter was definitely upbeat and encouraged to know that you are a part of her healthcare team. She has a very sensitive and discerning spirit, and your kindness was a breath of fresh air for her after experiencing some pretty “crotchety” healthcare professionals in the past. For a long time, she has been so dedicated to doing the right things and eating the right foods, and when her fluid retention and swelling get worse it is discouraging. I am glad that with your help we are now taking a more comprehensive approach to finding the right nutrition for her. A sincere thanks.”

Danielle F., Boise, ID

“Great to hear from you! Water retention is MUCH better – I’ve been following your advice! Can’t wait for your visit.”

Ariel N., New York City, NY

“My daughter is a new girl. Completely. I want to thank you immeasurably. She is confident and the almost suicidal feeling she was having is gone. She sounds calmer and in control. I could not be more amazed or grateful. You are incredible.”

Lisa B., Indianapolis, IN

“I think you have found a long-term client (ME!!) and I’ve already told many people about you and recommended you to several people. You should give me more of your business cards. I’ll always be sure to know plenty of people to send your way.”

Kamila H., New York City, NY

“It’s been a long time dream of mine to own a Wellness Center and YOU would be JUST the type of professional I’d want to have working in it.”

Myra S., Portland, OR

“It was really great to see you at our appointment yesterday. I love the work you are doing. It’s really helping me to gain the confidence that we can meet my health goals. I want to relay, too, that you have a great talent and skill along with a wonderful personality and intuition.”

Beth P., Seattle, WA

“Thank you Katie! I can now make it through my days without a nap!”

Kerwynn P., Portland, OR

“I always enjoyed our talks and have learned so much from you.”

Kate M., Seattle, WA

“My hair, which you know wasn’t growing, is starting to grow really fast now, just in time for my wedding and I’ve only been working with you, and taking the supplements for one month! Thank you Katie!”

Jessica V., Portland, OR

“So far I’ve been on this now for about a day and a half and I’m really liking it. I should be in bed right now (it’s late), but I felt really good today. I’m really jazzed about this! Everyone I’ve talked to about it has had positive things to report from their own experience doing appointments with you. Thank you! You’ve given me the hope I was looking for!”

Jody L., Portland, OR

“I wanted to write and say thank you. I respect all your hard work and expertise and honor you as a professional with a lot of valuable services and information for your clients. That is how it has been for me. Our conversation led me to open my thinking about my responsibilities to my body. That alone has produced many positive changes. I also think differently about my digestion. It’s not only what I eat, it’s how I eat those things. Also, I see my body more as a whole and a true part of me. What fun to be learning the healthy lessons! So thank you for creaking open some rusty doors in my mind and subtly shifting my thinking. You have a breathless enthusiasm about life that really resonates with me.”

Nancy L., Portland, OR

“Thank you. You are absolutely wonderful! I was going to email this to you later tonight, but I might as well tell you now. This may sound completely silly to you, but to me it was one of those moments in life when your perspective of life and the world is changed permanently. That conversation we had on Friday about safety and the weight really hit home to me. I’ve always known I had put on the weight for protection against relationships because I knew besides the obvious of I don’t look good I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the active personality that I would be attracted to. I don’t know if you will even remember saying this but when you told me that it was ok for me to be safe it was like the wind was knocked out of me and it took everything I had not to just burst out in tears of joy. I know that logically of course it is ok for everyone to be safe, but somewhere deep in me I didn’t believe that right belonged to me and I didn’t even know it until you said that. Anyway, I won’t bore you with the details, but that has brought on A LOT of positive in my life in just a few days. I can never thank you enough.”

Amy S., Indianapolis, IN

“Thanks again for the appointments last night with both Jen and I. I think you’re completely right in terms of what’s going on with us emotionally. Very insightful!!”

Suzette R., Indianapolis, IN

“I got some blood work back from last week (I think I mentioned that we are giving blood each week to this company for research in return for $20, then we get our results) and everything is starting to look better since starting appointments with you.  My good cholesterol is up, my total cholesterol is down, my triglycerides are way down, etc. I have also noticed a reduction in heartburn and digestive issues. So that’s good news.”

Beth P., Portland, OR

“Improvements noted with my baby: diarrhea has resolved (until hidden dairy last week), learned to walk, says a Lot more words (uh oh, tickle tickle tickle, etc), follows short directions, swallows some solid foods, builds blocks, a lot happier disposition, less clingy. Some I’m sure is normal development, but I contribute the quickness of it to the supplements/diet/formula from you.”

Lilly M., Satsuma, AL

“You are a rock star and I am grateful that you are in my life as my practitioner!!”

Erin R., Indianapolis, IN

“Katie, It bears repeating: I am so thankful you are working with me and are in my life. Your presence alone is healing and a great encouragement. Your professional skills are pure gold. The more I understand of what has been wrong in my body, the more grateful I am you can pinpoint precisely the nutritional support my body needs. Each month I can see and feel the progress and support in a hundred different ways. Dr. Corwin put into clear words how sick I would be if I did not take such good nutritional care of my body. The knowledge of how to do that all comes from you. Great kudos to you! Chris and I together are making amazing progress toward my full recovery. The road is sometimes fun, sometimes very rough. Each time my body goes into crisis your supplements do much to return me to stability. God made my healing journey so much easier when he introduced me to you. I laugh with joy when I realize that God has winnowed down my treatment team to the best: you and Chris. It will be exciting to watch your skills blossom even more in the coming years. Katie, have a lovely and blessed Thanksgiving. You bring joy, hope, and healing to many people.”

Noel W., Portland, OR

“Thank you for all your help! I really appreciate your sharing your knowledge. It is life changing:) It gives a person a totally different perspective that lasts a lifetime.”

Jen R., Tipton, Indiana

“Several people have asked about my weight loss and what I am doing.  I passed out more of your cards today:) Thank you, Katie for all that you do!!  You have truly made such a difference in so many lives:) You Go Girl!! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us. It’s a ripple effect that continues on and on.”

Dave S., Seattle, WA

“Finally, I am sleeping through the night! WOOHOO!! I might wake up once or twice but nothing like it was. I’m not having hot flashes and have lost 33 lbs. I can definitely tell a difference with not being on the correct supplements in my eating habits, cravings and the way I feel. Take care! Thanks for your help.”

Saralynn R., San Francisco, CA

“My mom and I can’t wait to get back on track with our program/supplements. We’re both out of most stuff and can tell a huge difference when we’re not on our proper protocol. We miss you so much!”

Linda D., Indianapolis, IN

“I value your opinion not only as my friend but also as my outstanding practitioner.”

Cale H., Columbus, OH

“My hot flashes are much improved. I have noticed a BIG improvement. I tried the bedtime patch last night. WOW!! I slept through the night. It was awesome! It didn’t take me long to go to sleep which is unusual. It has been taking me an hour or longer to get to sleep. I went to bed at 10:30 pm, which is a lot later than I usually go to bed. The next thing I know I wake up and look at the clock and it’s 5:26 am. I usually get up at 5:45. I was still a little tired but nothing like usual!  I am hoping this continues!!”

Pat B., Indianapolis, IN

“I am telling everyone I know about you!  I am sure your business will keep growing and growing.  I am so glad you’ve come into my life that’s for sure!!!!”

Naomi G., Olympia, WA

“The diarrhea is much better. I still can’t report regular BM’s but I am getting much better. I have lost 25 lbs.”

Isabel D., Portland, OR

“I really think you can grow an AMAZING business. I know you’re in a difficult spot in trying to sell yourself, your service, your products and that it feels like such a conflict of interest when you’re dealing with their health… BUT you are worth the money, we just have to get people to believe.”

Stephanie K., Indianapolis, IN

“I can’t thank you enough for all your help! You’re a life saver:) DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE YOUR TALENTS!!”

Melissa C., Portland, OR

“THANK YOU for helping me heal all of this!!!!”

Jane Y., Indianapolis, IN

“If nothing else, let’s get people together where we can feel like we’re not all alone in the process of self-discovery and bettering our lives. People need this information!!! People don’t know what they don’t know. No one is teaching this information, but YOU CAN. The food conference we went to was nothing compared to the knowledge that you possess. You can do this!”

Lydia J., Seattle, WA

“Thank you for moving forward with this and being willing to do the Emotional Re-polarization Technique. Good Job!  You are a blessing to me.”

Will W., Ashland, OR

“The hemorroids are better!!  YEAH!  It’s not totally healed yet but my stomach issues have calmed down which is helping. I hope to get the supplement soon which I think is helping. Also, I started my period, which I haven’t had since Dec.  I normally live on ibuprofen for 2 days but I didn’t have one cramp!  Amazing!  I didn’t have to take anything for it. That’s a first.”

Alyssa B., Indianapolis, IN

“I saw my mom earlier today and I just wanted to let you know that she is looking/feeling fantastic!! She has lost 13 lbs now and doesn’t even feel like she’s working at the weight loss. Her face is slimmer and looks more vibrant! Her whole body is completely transforming before my eyes. She’s been on her period now for a full week without a single cramp or hot flash. She’s sleeping through the night…which she hasn’t done in years! She has less joint pain and her hemorrhoid has stopped bleeding. Her mood has changed too…she’s less negative and seems to have a renewal of life. She’s becoming passionate about her health and spreading the information that she has learned to others. I just wanted to say a big thank you for all of your education, passion, and influence that has been bestowed on both of us. This truly has been a very exciting journey for us and we can’t thank you enough.”

Kelly F., Portland, OR

“Well, I’d have to say the early results of your pill regimen are encouraging. I actually do feel better in several ways. Not quite ready to declare you a miracle worker, but maybe. We’ll see what happens in the days ahead.”

Jan Z., Chicago, IL

“I must say I’m doing wonderfully with all of your health advice…went to the health food store…stocked up on all sorts of healthy things. I’ve been dairy free and free of everything else that I was supposed to stay away from since our meeting. I don’t feel near as bloated or moody! My stomach hasn’t cramped for the last couple of days…and I haven’t been able to say that for months. I have 3 friends that I met for breakfast this morning…I think they all will set up appointments with you…Susan, Dana, and Linda. You’ll probably hear from them soon. Does that mean I get a discount?! 😉 No big deal if not, you’re worth the money!”

Amy A., Indianapolis, IN

“I have referred three clients to you and I wanted you to know so that if they called you would have some frame of reference.  The first is one of my employees, Donna.  The second is a friend’s brother and sister-in-law; the gentleman, Brandon, just had surgery to have half of his large intestine removed and his colon re-sectioned due to diverticulitis and some other ongoing medical issues. I told them that I really think they could benefit from your expertise so they may be contacting you during or after his recovery as he just got home from the hospital yesterday. The third is the daughter of a terrific client who has become a friend; Amber.  She is a lovely girl, and puts a lot of stress on herself, has some concerns, and I gave her your name.  I hope you are ok with the referrals.  I am sure your schedule is filling up quickly but I am feeling so great, I just have to tell people when they tell me how great and healthy I look!”

Sherry C., Indianapolis, IN

“Thank you so much for your time, I truly felt your concern and your excitement to help me to better health!!!  Thank you so much! Looking forward to seeing you soon.”

Betsy K., Pittsburgh, PA

“I was talking to Heather today, she is getting ready for a mastectomy this Friday and will start chemo next month. She said that she needs to see a nutritionist because her doctors suggested it and because she wants to fix up her diet, even though she is already a good nutritious eater for the most part.  I told her what you are doing, and she was so excited to hear it and said that she would really like to talk with you.  I have to tell you, she has an amazing outlook and spirit about all of the horrendous things about the breast cancer, but she was really excited to hear about you – I could hear it in her voice. It made me so happy to hear her excited.  Anyway, I hope it is all right but I passed your info on to her. AND, my brother is really excited about his appointment with you, Katie. He told my Mom that he is excited and that he thinks it can help with his anxiety. So, you have made an impact already.  Thank you so much for helping him. I have been thinking about you and hope you are doing well. I am envious, because you are really changing people’s lives and making them feel good.”

Ali H., Austin, TX

“I just had to call you and tell you my feedback from my nutrition plan. The supplements you recommended are helping me detox. I can feel it. I don’t know how you pick, I mean I’m just so impressed with your muscle testing, because now that you said that about my stomach, I can tell my stomach is such an issue – the ginger is really helping it, and so is everything else. And my food plan is so kick-ass, so perfect for me. I just had to tell you that so if you use it on other people, because when we finished it, I wasn’t sure if it would be enough food, but it’s the perfect amount of food. I haven’t had a day where I feel hungry. It just feels really good. I had to tell you this so if you use the food plan regularly in your business, you can trust it’s an amazingly helpful tool for someone to be able to use.”

Tom H., Portland, OR

“I meant to tell you that my shoulder pain improved immensely within hours of our session and has continued feeling better than it has in months. {Just from acknowledging that the root of pain was emotional. Can’t wait to get started on supplements}.”

Kevin P., San Francisco, CA

“Even my mom wants to come see you now, because in just three weeks so much has improved – my libido for the first time in months, my nails stopped splitting and grew strong enough to have a manicure, my hair has stopped falling out and I had my first normal, easy menstrual cycle since my miscarriage last September (it’s been 5 months).”

Kimberly P., San Francisco, CA

“Katie, It is great to hear from you. I am glad you are settled in and getting you new life in order. I am very thankful for you coming into my life. I am the healthy, thin man I am today because of your help and guidance. I will give you a call soon.”

Mark W., Chicago, IL

“Hair: Hair seems to be growing back.

Skin/Nails: Continue to grow and look great, actually better than ever.

Menstrual Cycles: Cycle was easy and painless this month, only lasting a few days and very light flow.

Breasts: Breast tenderness is completely gone.

Night Sweats: Night sweats are decreased, they are definitely better than before seeing you.”

Margie O., San Francisco, CA

“Emma is doing so wonderful!   She has much more energy and her teachers have actually begun complimenting her in class.  Her sores are decreasing as well.   I feel infinitely blessed to have bumped into you. Also, I wanted to check in with you about an appointment for me.  When I sit with it, I get pretty clearly that Emma’s stuff is very linked to my stuff and it would be most helpful for her if I had an appointment. Hope all is well with you.”

Jenny A., Olympia, WA

“Just wanted to say that whatever you did with Keenan seems to be helping him…he is moving forward with some energy and seems happier….and the increased dose of Celexa seems to be helping a great deal with his anxiety and depression. It is a great start. I am hopeful.”

Liz H., Olympia, WA

“My allergies never showed up this season since stopping the foods you told me to and taking the Betaine HCL supplement, and I’m also “regular” now, which I know is so necessary for health!”

Julia M., Ashland, OR

“Thank you so very much for this email and for the clearing!!! I have been feeling much, much, much better emotionally. I really feel like things have been lifted off my shoulders. Feeling much lighter! And, I found everything you wrote to be so interesting and true! I hope you are well and I’ll talk to you soon about my next clearing appointment.”

Gina B., Portland, OR

“Thank you for all you are doing! I finally feel like I am getting the right advice!”

Rechelle H., Olympia, WA

“Yay!!! This is all so wonderful! G is going great and we cannot thank you enough! You’ll be so impressed when you see him next. Thank you so much for helping us with our boy! He’s turning 14 this week and we are so happy knowing and seeing that he’s doing the best now, than he has done in years!”

Kelli B., San Rafael, CA

“I am soooo excited about my visit with you. You, after all the specialists, all the seminars, all the books…YOU got to the root cause of what’s going on with me. My TMJ surgery was in 1993 and I started aging and gaining weight about 1 year later. Thank you so much for figuring it out.”

Jonny K., Olympia, WA

“I’m very, very happy with the work I/we do! I’m even happier with your enthusiasm to spare.”

Sue F., San Francisco, CA

“I’m super happy to get the patches – especially the weight ones as I have lost some weight…I am making better choices and being grossed out by bad ones. I don’t know where it’s coming from other than these patches so I’m thinking good thoughts full of intent on losing weight.”

Chris S., Indianapolis, IN

“What a great resource and a great support you are.  I will definately try your sleep recommendations.  Thanks for keeping me updated and moving along.”

Jane F., Kent, WA

“I have been so impressed with the work you’ve done with Tovi and Max (holy cow, it is night and day with him!). I’m looking for some help, too. Can I make an appt with you?”

Alissa M., Olympia, WA

“You are a nutrition magician….(Allison was right!)”

Dalia E., Portland, OR

“Things are definitely a LOT better mood wise, depression wise. Oh, and I was talking to a friend the other day and telling him how my knee hasn’t hurt a single DAY since I finished those pain patches back last May! Yay for that!! And my stomach issues are a TON better as well!”

Willie R., Chicago, IL

“My Facebook post last night: ‘My nutritionist thinks I should give up coffee. What do you think?’ The responses were hilarious, including the one suggesting my nutritionist is on crack if she thinks that is going to happen. But, someone suggested that I should maybe give up my nutritionist. I couldn’t type fast enough ‘I would sooner give up coffee AND peanut butter than give up my nutritionist!’ Ah, perspective.”

Tovi M., Olympia, WA

“I don’t know why but I want to share with you how good I have been feeling. I feel lighter in my abdominal area. I feel like I have more energy and joy for life. Tonight I wanted to go for a walk but it was so wet! So I put on Lady Gaga turned it up and worked out on my exercise machine at home. Just wanted to share because I do feel good. If I write I will at least remember it, but I hope it’s a new trend!”

Ruth K., Olympia, WA

“On the drive home last night I realized that the feelings I’ve been having involving my mom were not as keen as they have been. In fact I could very easily move on from those feelings rather than feeling trapped in them.  This is good!  Thank you SO much for your help.  Your work is so incredibly amazing and I feel blessed to have you in my life.  (Thank you Allison for posting Katie’s info on your Facebook page!)”

Susan H., Olympia, WA

“I’ve been using the Almond oil you said to, and my legs are completely cleared, completely.  The only place I can find any psoriasis (and I’m trying to find some) is some rough spots on my elbows….can’t see it, just feel it a little.  Yaaaahoooo.  You did it.”

Jonny K., Olympia, WA

“So far no anxiety today. . . That’s a first in about 3 months! Thank you!!”

Lindsey B., Indianapolis, IN

“You are amazing!  I feel so much better.  I will give thanks and think about how grateful that I know you!!!!!!!!!!”

Jo G., San Francisco, CA

“No problems or tears. He was so happy today, just like the old Finn! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Katie! What a relief. You never cease to amaze me Katie.”

Tovi M., Olympia, WA

“For the most part, the headaches are gone. It used to be such a rare occasion that I didn’t have a headache, and now it seems like it’s a rare occasion when I do have one. Sometimes I get a dull one that hangs around a while, but it’s nothing like it used to be. It’s funny, a week or so ago I accidentally ate some chips that I didn’t realize contained wheat, and I got the worst headache afterwards. It made me realize that they have gotten so so so much better, as I used to get headaches that bad every day.

The stomach pain is gone for the most part as well. I’ve noticed that I’ve had to start eating less, because for some reason, my appetite isn’t as big as it used to be.

The frequency of the diarrhea has gotten better too. I remember a few months ago, sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night several times just because I had to go to the bathroom, and that doesn’t happen any more.

My weight has definitely stopped fluctuating so much. I used to go back and forth 5-7 pounds each week, but now it’s pretty much staying the same, so that’s good!

The food avoidances are going pretty well, (Besides the wheat containing chips mentioned above) I feel like the past couple of weeks I’ve been really getting the hang of it better.”

Elizabeth K., Logansport, IN

“About two weeks or so into using the patches you put me on, my headaches seemed to start to disappear. It’s amazing how something as simple as that can make them go away!”

Denise S., Portland, OR

“I was telling my mom how crazy it is that I’ve never met you in person but you always seem to know what’s up. Like with the dehydration. I used to be so good at drinking lots of water, but I’ve noticed in the past few months I don’t drink nearly as much as I once did, or probably as much as I should be. Thanks for always knowing what’s going on with me.”

Terri S., Portland, OR

“I am feeling much better!  Thank you so much! My stomach issues have cleared up. It’s great to be able to eat again and not have discomfort! I have lost 5 lbs! I am surprised at the small amount I am eating but am not hungry. I am sticking to the diet and feeling much better.”

Susan M., Indianapolis, IN

“The pain in my knee is very much decreased.  I even walked the other day and usually if I have been on it a lot I can barely put weight on it, but today is feeling really good.  Seems like the fluid is down a bit.  My shoulder is doing really well with the pain too, and usually it wakes me up at night because it hurts so much.”

Dawne K., Logansport, IN

“Katie, thank you so much for everything you do for Abe and me! It has been such a blessing to have you in our lives. Thank you for taking us on such an exciting journey to healthier, happier and more balances us.”

Nadya K., Indianapolis, IN

“I am taking this very serious so please don’t hold back.  I have noticed quite a difference already.  Yesterday I spent the entire day in 90 degree heat at Shipshewana flea market.  Normally I would have been beat when arriving at home but I actually had energy last evening. “

Emily R., Portland, OR