I think the lumps are gone! Wow! LOVE it! THANK YOU! I need to get back to having regular clearings with you. :)
— Brandi R., Charlotte, NC
While I was on that 3-week cleanse of yours, my thyroid antibodies went from 3000, down to 700. My doctor was happy - me too!
— Bridget O., Maui, HI
Kathryn Heath’s manner is remarkable. The lightest kinesiology touch I have ever experienced, a deep empathy and clear integrity are all things I noted during our 90-minute session in her Portland office. I went in to see her for relief from my migraine headaches, the rash that’s plagued my fingers for a while, and for weight loss.
— Paul N., Seattle, WA
Thank you for the appointment today. I now feel there is HOPE and an answer close enough to touch. No one else really has taken the time or maybe just didn’t know what to do. I really appreciate you and your dedication. You have a beautiful, generous heart.
— Kathy H., Indianapolis, IN
Katie, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for going above and beyond to help heal me. YOU, yes you, have not only a passion for what you do, but a true “gift.” It exudes from your body and soul, and your knowledge comes out in your words and actions. You truly want the best for people, and I feel blessed by this opportunity to work with you. Just thought you should know that my husband came home shortly after I had the appointment with you. He asked what you did, I told him, and he said that from the moment he saw me that he could see that my eyes weren’t as shaky and my gate was steadier. He said my spirit even seemed more upbeat! See, you were meant for this business, and meant to touch many lives! Thanks again for sharing your knowledge, time, and “gifts” with me. Looking forward to seeing you again soon!
— Jodi B., Vancouver, WA
I just want to thank you so much for all your help. I am feeling so much better. What a gift you have!
— Lisa M., Portland, OR
Thank you for all of your healing that you have done with me. I have a whole new life because of it.
— Leslie H., Bend, OR
I have to say there’s been a BIG shift after our clearing - I’m no longer smoking! Yay! Thank you!
— Kimberly Q., Portland, OR
The self-esteem clearing worked wonders. You are amazing!!!!
— Shannon B., New York City, NY
I have to thank you for the way I feel today - I simply cannot believe the difference and I cannot begin to express my gratitude. It is like a miracle. I really feel different and more like the good self that I have been in the not too distant past. Katie, I thank you thank you with all of my heart! And I wish I could for others what you do. It really is amazing! I am blown away!
— Christy N., Portland, OR
This morning after our clearing yesterday was the first morning in 20 months - yes 20 months I awoke without pain!!!!!
— Jennifer A., Ashland, OR
The work you’ve done with me on diet and emotional blockages, and the overall care and support I have received from you this past 15 months has been life changing.
— Sarah T., Portland, OR
I don’t feel my hip at all today - not one bit of soreness or pain! And, after the emotional clearing about my work, I can tell a difference in my attitude going to work or even thinking about it. I feel lighter, positive and seem to have a renewed sense of confidence that my better work is right around the corner. I also wanted to mention that Brad has been really happy about whatever you guys worked on - seems to have made a big impression and difference for him. Thanks for everything you do, Katie, not just with us. But, we are really so grateful for you and the work you do and the work we are doing together!
— Laura D., Knoxville, TN
I had the most incredible session with you. What you do blows my mind! I gained such clarity on what my body specifically needs to stay in peak performance. We also energetically released fears that have been holding me back.
— Yasmin N., Portland, OR
I took 10 minutes to explore the emotion you found of anger, and it came out in some screams and more crying. That was a good outlet, and helpful. Thank you for the counsel and work you do! You’re amazing, accurate, loving, insightful, intuitive, and a good role model.
— Carey S., Bethel, AK
I am loving the beautiful transformation I am seeing in Karen since she has started seeing you - it is amazing as well as heart-warming! My sweetie is coming to terms with herself and is learning the joy of loving herself again! As for me, I need a lot of work, but can’t think of a better person than YOU to help me discover the deeper parts of who I am, and how to see life from a different perspective than I am used to! My mind is in a much better place today from our sessions than it was two years ago. Perhaps the biggest change is I am not as angry and bitter as I was! You are a sincere and loving young woman, and are very competent in the areas you specialize in! The world greatly needs more people like you! Seeing you can best be described as stepping into a warm, cathartic shower of gentleness and love washing all the crud and negativity away, and feeling clean and refreshed from the inside out!
— Wally M., Beaverton, OR
The kids have a new friend, Flash, a bunny rabbit. Thank you for helping it to happen. Now that Tristan doesn’t have the allergies he had, we were able to get him.
— Melissa H., Sisters, OR
I feel enlightened and liberated just having the knowledge of what’s been going on my whole life. Thanks again, you’re brilliant See you next week.
— Glenn M., Tigard, OR
Katie, thank you so much for your individual testing approach! You helped me locate the dentist that met all of my criteria and he ended up saving me hundreds of dollars (about $700 to be more exact) for the same procedure. I really appreciate having the feedback from my body to learn what’s in my best interest, and highest good for my health and wellness.
— Katie S., Jupiter, FL
Without your sort of testing/work, if I hadn’t talked to you, I still would not know what to do about my health. Thank you so much!
— Sue F., San Francisco, CA
Almost no vertigo last night and a regular bowel today!!!!
— Jen A., Portland, OR
I woke up the next morning after seeing you with a new awareness - that I got exactly what I’d been asking for: someone who could help me figure out how my body needs to eat. Thank you! I have been having fun with it. I am eating well enough because my acid indigestion is drastically reduced, I am not craving sugar (that formula you found for me is really great!), I’m not insatiably hungry at night, and I’m losing about 1/2 lb a day - just like you said! With deep appreciation!
— Diane D., Portland, OR
I’m feeling really good, thanks to you. I don’t have any more bloating and my energy levels are better than ever. Thanks so much Katie for all your help!
— Adriana L., Beaverton, OR
Thanks again for all you do. I really appreciate your caring heart, and am so thankful for all the help you’ve given me. You’ve made the biggest difference in my life.
— Abby H., Olympia, WA
Thank you for being with me today. That memory has come up before, but I wasn’t ready to move on from this part of it until I saw you. And you not only made it ok, but your words triggered the release of all the fear and pain. I keep reflecting back on the session to validate it really happened. Haha, that’s why I’m writing an email to you too, I think ;) You’ve got skills!
— Ryan W., Portland, OR
Good morning Katie! The protocol is working great. Sleep is improving!!
— Suzette R., Tipton, IN
I’m so grateful for how much you genuinely care about me and my wellness. You are a blessing!
— Bergen E., Portland, OR
I came back to write you this morning that I think the rash is almost gone. One little patch but nothing else left and no new occurrences have happened since seeing you. My chest and arms are cleared up. Over the past year I thought I could never wear sleeveless again with these rashes but I can now if I want to.
— Kelly F., Bristol, TN
Purple Flower.jpg
Your potent insight and guidance during our sessions has continued to stay with me. You’re one powerful gal!
— Phoenix A., Portland, OR
I have good news! I’m pregnant, after only a month of following your protocol. Woohoo!!!
— Jen R., Louisville, KY
I am so grateful to have finally met you and to have received your amazing intuitive treatment. You have a truly wonderful gift you are sharing with all of us very fortunate recipients. Such a relief being on this protocol, my bladder feeling better already! Lower tummy is irritation free for two days with just the healing foods.
— Elinor M., Scottsdale, AZ
Thank you for saving my life this summer with my eyes, etc., I honestly don’t think I would have made it through without your help! Thank you so much! I am doing much better.
— Kristin P., Portland, OR
Katie! It was wonderful to see you and check in last week. No matter what’s going on, you always know what’s best :) I can’t thank you enough for changing my health and my life.
— Emily D., Seattle, WA