Nutrition derived from the food we eat fuels and powers us each day, but can sometimes hinder our energy levels when there are sensitivities attached to certain things we eat. When we are unaware of these sensitivities, they can manifest as unwanted side effects including skin problems, headaches, sugar cravings and sugar addictions, joint stiffness, brain fogginess, acid reflux, bad breath, excess weight, flatulence (gas) and belching. These are nuisances people commonly “live with” and you need not settle for this. Order your Custom Food List today to find out what foods your body prefers.

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Custom food list

This is an individualized, finely-tuned, one page reference which pinpoints your body's nutritional needs, highlighting which foods will make you feel great and thrive, and which foods induce imbalance and stress. This is an easy, comprehensive way to see what's good for your body, and what's not going to help you feel your most alive.

Each food is categorized by group, and muscle tested one at a time, specific to you, to determine its color-coded designation as “ideal,” “neutral,” “caution” or “avoid.” A Custom Food List is personally created specifically for you and delivered via email. No appointment necessary. Lists are emailed in a printable PDF format within 3 business days.

See an example For best results please include any known food allergies, sensitivities and/or intolerances in the “Notes” during checkout. $150.

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Please contact me to schedule your appointment, corporate consult, group event, or make a purchase. I recommend when we work together initially that we set aside a 2-hr window to really go deep. If you prefer to just look at any one particular area, we can certainly discuss a shorter initial appointment. Choose what you feel is most supportive for you.

Individual Appointments

30 min $65

45 min $95

1 hour $125

1.5 hour $190

2 hour $250

2.5 hour $315

Shorter check-ins and email or text questions: $20-35.

Prepay for Multiple Appointments

3 Appointments (1.5 hours each) $495

5 Appointments (1.5 hours each) $860


Package Special

Emotional Clearing (30 min) + Nutritional Consult (1.5 hours) + Custom Food List for $350.

Pricing List

Supplement costs vary based on individual needs.

Laser Session: $30/15 minutes

Laser Rental: $95/week

Corporate Consulting/Speaking

Price varies depending on details of engagement.


$65/person for 2 hrs.

$130/person for 4 hrs.

Hosted Events/Group Coaching

Small group talks are available about a topic of interest chosen by your group: dietary/physical health, supplements, or emotional-energetic-spiritual.

3-hr talk $400 plus $100 travel fee. Add airfare if out of Portland area.

One-on-one appointments available during out-of-area stay at additional rate of $125 per hour, per person.